Video Analysis

“Expert analysis and filming is very helpful.” – Peter Hodgen, North Augusta SC


At AGI we use Gasp Lab software to visually show improvements that are made throughout the course of a lesson package.

GASP Lab Studio plus our high speed camera integrate to provide detailed swing analysis.


“Went to AGI on a couple of occasions to try to straighten out my swing and had a great experience both times. I also love the short instructional videos that BJ sends out. I have recommended you guys to several of my golfing friends.“- Tom Griswold, Augusta

“Excellent golf lesson. BJ was extremely professional and able to convey ideas and concepts in a meaningful way. Left with a video covering the main focus of what I can work on and a plan to get there.” – Ken McCall, Augusta

“Instruction was very easy to comprehend, my video was sent to me immediately.” – Bill Moseley, North Augusta SC