B.J. Hathaway

BJ Hathaway

BJ Hathaway

Mr. Hathaway grew up in Augusta and early on took numerous trips to visit  the Masters Golf Tournament.  Having studied the swings of hundreds of champions, he’s developed a systematic method of teaching the golf swing that is clear, easy to follow and fundamentally based.

Over the course of his career he has established himself as one of the top teachers in the Southeast. Golfers travel from all throughout the country for instruction with B.J. Hathaway. Over his career he helped countless juniors to win championships, excel in high school golf and go on to play collegiate division one golf. His passion and success with golf instruction is recognized throughout the golf instruction industry. Locally he has helped numerous Augusta Junior Golfers to reach new heights with their golf game, while also working with past U.S. Open, the Masters and European Tour players along with two of the top players for Augusta State University.

 “The lessons were given in a professional and personal atmosphere.  BJ Hathaway lowered my handicap by 7 strokes by teaching me the game to my abilities.” – Frank Moore, Augusta

Mr. Hathaway is also a published author on Amazon and a contributing writer for Golfinstruction.com

Hathaway has established himself as one of the nation’s leading mental golf coaches. While working at Augusta Golf Instruction he received the prestigious Master Certified Mind Factor accreditation! He. is the first golf instructor in the United States to receive this advanced golf mental coaching certification. Not only leading golf instruction in Augusta Georgia, he is breaking through to the national golf instruction level.

“I had a great lesson with BJ. After a few swings, he quickly and accurately diagnosed some of my swing errors and showed me how to correct them. The drills he gave me have allowed me to drastically improve my game is a short amount of time. Thanks for your help BJ! See you soon for more instruction.” – Joe Scarlett, Augusta

  • Golf Smart Academy Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Sportsbox 3D Golf Level 1 Certified
  • Ben Hogan Ambassador Professional
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 2 Golf Coach
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Junior Coach 2
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 1 Fitness
  • Author: Master of Chipping: Short Game Lessons from Augusta
  • Author: Master of Impact: Golf is a Contact Sport
  • Contributing Writer: GolfInstruction.com
  • Hank Haney Associate Professional 2
  • The Mind Factor Master Coach
  • New Rules Golf Coach
  • Certified Golf Coaches Association
  • K-vest TPI 3D Certified Instructor 1
  • Medicus Golf Certified Instructor
  • The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor
  • Stack & Tilt® Network Instructor
  • USGTF Instructor
  • SKLZ Golf Staff Professional
  • V1 Golf Faculty Trainer

Notable Students:

Lyn Lott- PGA Tour (ret.)

Stephane Boudreau- USC Aiken

Hunter Dunagan- College of Charleston

Jake Carter- Florida State

Chad Carter- South Aiken High

Viktor Edin- Augusta University

Natalie Wille- Augusta University

Eunice Yi- Augusta University

Elizabeth Kim- Oglethorpe University


“B.J. really cares about your improvement. Lessons were clear and to the point. No fluff. A couple of drills were also given with full, easy to understand, reasons why the drills were given. I went to the driving range and practiced while using the drills and I knew what feel and feedback I was looking for. I have shaved several strokes of my round by working with B.J.” – Ricky Wasden, Washington GA

“Hello I have been taking lesson from AGI for about 3 years now from time to time I really enjoy the hand on, one on one instruction I get from them my Instructor He take time to listen to me and not just brush you off and say no just do it my way, then he explain to me why this will work better because it keep you on the right swing plain and delivered crisp impact to the ball to get better distance and more accuracy I understand now the golf swing not just hitting the ball and hope it goes somewhere close to the target I highly recommend AGI to give you the best experience of your golf life enjoy.” – Jozell Lovett, Augusta