“A highly knowledgeable golf instructor. He is easy to talk to and takes the time to listen to you. He provides exercises as well as the reasoning behind the drills. This gives the students an understanding of why you’re doing the drill and how it will help improve your overall swing. I would recommend AGI to anyone wanting to improve their golf game.” – Harvey Carter, Augusta

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The first in United States! Augusta Golf Instruction has been awarded the first mental coaching certification in the US. BJ Hathaway apprenticed under Dr. Karl Morris www.golf-brain.com to become the first Certified Mind Factor Master Instructor in the country.



BJ Hathaway is the only Level 2 Hank Haney Golf Instructor in Augusta. Under the tutelage of Hank Haney, he learned his methodology and sequence of analyzing and correcting swing mistakes. In addition, as a certified Hank Haney Golf Instructor, BJ enhanced his abilities to create and communicate a workable game plan for students.

golf machine

As one of the few authorized “Golfing Machine” instructors, BJ teaches the scientific based principles covering physics and geometry. The Golfing Machine originated with legendary golf instructor Homer Kelly. Utilizing pragmatic problem solving techniques, Homer Kelly continued his Christian Scientist principles thus explaining simple applied physics and geometry principles to the golf swing.




B. J. Hathaway is Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Golf Coach  and can help you determine if any physical issues are causing swing issues and can provide a physical assessment to help improve your swing by suggesting a program to help alleviate any physical problems and  help you hit the ball further and straighter on a regular basis.



Trained with Charlie King.

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“I particularly liked the series on Hogans swing and the swing drills because they were so well explained and seemed so practical. Certainly did my golf a lot of good. BJs videos are always well thought out and well presented. I think he is at his best when he puts together a series of say six videos that follow a common theme (like the Hogan ones). I also very much liked the videos from The Masters showing lots of different players swings.” – Chris Downing, United Kingdom