Better Stats for Better Scores

Almost every golfer comes for a lesson wishing for more consistency, an understandable target for sure. This is however, too broad of a goal that has no benchmarks towards completion. We can assume that the real intent is to shoot lower scores, and we can start cutting strokes by knowing our data.

The fact is, until you know where the extra strokes come from, wanting to be more consistent or better or any other generic wish will never likely happen. You need to know your game first.

The most simple plan starts with a pencil and scorecard. After every hole write some notes like this:

  • F (fairway in reg.)
  • G (green in reg.)
  • # of putts

Add the end of the round, add up the F’s & G’s along with putts and your total score, then thrown the card in your desk drawer. After 5-10 rounds, do some simple math and calculate your percentages and you have a true picture of what really needs attention at your next lesson.

There are plenty of apps that will keep even more stats for those who are really serious. Working on your game the right way will help you and your Pro get there faster.