Two Ways to Improve This Year


Two Ways to Really Improve

Even Tour Pros want to get better. The good news is anyone can even with time and budget constraints, so let’s look at two ways to get better in 2018!

1. Increase your fitness.  Now hold on, this isnt’ what you were thinking. Yes we have seen the guys like Rory and Tiger bulk up but that has little bearing on swing improvement in fact Tiger hit it further when he was skinny.  Listen it doesn’t matter one bit if you have big arms, a huge chest or legs like a bodybuilder, the golf ball could care less!  And cardio work is great for overall health, but whether you can do one or 20 miles on a treadmill won’t improve your golf swing. The absolute best thing you can do for your swing is to work on flexibility, period. Flexibility affects your range of motion, tempo and overall coordination. Nothing to sell here, just information. Increasing your range of motion will greatly improve your swing.

2. Get some lessons.
Here is a common thought on this. Why would I pay for lessons when I get get it free on YouTube? True, there is a vast amount of golf information for free on the internet but let’s address two points on that.
a)  There is too much information. In other words, unless you film your swing and know the exact problems your are having there is literally not enough time in the day to watch it all or pick out the information that is relevant to YOUR golf swing. A swing fix for one person will ruin another. It takes years of study to properly diagnose a swing problem and determine the root cause and the solution. If you work on the wrong things you will actually get worse!
b)  Free is good to a point. Golf shows, magazines and YouTube channels are pressured to provide a steady stream of content. That content is mostly generic advice or watered down because it’s free. Would a doctor or lawyer give you all of his information for free?  Absolutely not, that would be silly. Golf instructors are no different, many spends dozens of years studying to provide solutions to students. We can give some information for free, but not everything!  Look at the content from Butch Harmon for example. His golf tips on YouTube are just that, tips. He’s not giving “tips” to clients for $1,000 per hour, he is providing personalized solutions! We offer several programs for many budgets, check out the web store for details.

These two solutions will get you swinging better this year!