A new way to train

Joe has a problem.  A few years ago he decided to learn self-defense just in case something ever happened. He wanted to be able to take care of himself and feel more confident. But he didn’t want to pay for training so he bought a book about Kung Fu training and went about it.  He learned the basis like punching, kicking and blocking and trained at home a few nights a week.
Soon Joe felt better and felt like he could at least defend his self if need be. Unfortunately one evening a few guys had some words with him outside the local sports pub and Joe got his *** handed to him.  So Joe finally swallowed his pride, grabbed his wallet and decided to meet up with the town Kung Fu master.
Joe informed the master that he would like a one-time martial arts lesson. The master laughed and then informed Joe that his request would never be granted.  “We don’t do one-time lessons here,” he said.
“But I’ll come back in a few months and you can tell me what mistakes I’m making,” pleaded Joe.
The master shook his head.  “We train together, we train often and we learn the basics. We practice over and over again until they are mastered. Then we add a new move and train more. We train slowly and correctly until the moves are memorized. Then we test the basics in class against each other and evaluate. This is how we learn and train and there is no other way. If you want to learn to defend yourself and build confidence you are welcome to attend class every week; otherwise thank you for your visit.”
The master then walked away and Joe stood speechless.  Maybe he had gone about it all wrong, he thought. I was foolish to think that an occasional lesson would be enough to protect myself when it counts.
What are we doing wrong as golfers? Perhaps we’ve approached the game like Joe did.  Golf is obviously much more safe than fighting, but perhaps you’ve lost the battle far too many times against old man par? Perhaps your training has been sporadic and half-hearted. Perhaps you thought an occasional lesson would mend the holes in your game but you were only putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.
That is why we are developing a group training class that will approach learning the golf swing in a group setting but learning it correctly once and for all. You will learn in a small group, safe from criticism or judgement. You will learn the basic moves that all great golfers have possessed.  You will learn how to move the body, the arms, the hands and the club and shed all of those doubts about am I doing this correctly.
Get ready, get excited.  If you are finally ready to commit, to learn, to train, to possess a correct and repeatable golf swing, let us know.  Classes will be small, limited and fairly priced. No more excuses this year, let’s get to it.