Why learn to play golf?

by: B. J. Hathaway


If you are in business world, there will come a time when you will get asked to play golf on a business outing and you want to be able to get around the golf course without embarrassing yourself or the boss. This alone is a good reason why you should learn to play golf. There are also many golf tournaments for good causes, charities and to help other causes and raise funds, and when others put on a golf tournament for their benefit it would be nice to be able to participate. If you work for a large company, you can be sure there will be an annual or semi-annual golf outing and there will probably be big prizes for the best golfers which is a great incentive to learn to play golf.

Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are a great idea if you are in business world. Lessons will also help you make new contacts; many deals have been made over a friendly game of golf. Networking while golfing or sitting in the clubhouse is a great way to make new contacts for your business or gain new customers for whatever you do or sell. People are always using golf as a way to communicate in the business world. It’s like having a second office to many men and women who like to take their business outdoors and have a little fun while making deals and meeting new prospective clients.

Health Benefits

Learning to play golf has many benefits to your health. It’s a very healthy sport with all the walking – you don’t need to rent a cart when you can walk the beautiful countryside. Walking increases your heart rate as does swinging a golf club. Increasing your heart rate is a great way to lose weight and help your cardiovascular function which in turn helps you to stay or become healthy. Getting outdoors gives you much needed vitamin D which comes from sunshine and many people who stay inside the majority of their time, lack this important vitamin. Golf is a type of gentle exercise that is much easier than running on a treadmill and it builds excellent coordination.

Social Benefits


Leaning to play golf can bring your family closer together when you make it a family outing. There are clubs made for men and women and also sized for children of various ages. You can also schedule group lessons together and learn basic technique and etiquette of the game then go out for 9 holes together.  Golf will build a common interest between parents and children and can provide hours of conversation by learning the game and watching tournaments on television.

Golf also provides many opportunities to meet new people and make friends who share a common interest or keep in touch with existing friends. Play a friendly match, trade golf stories or plan a guys or gals golf vacation and see the world.  Learning to play golf will open up opportunities to meet people you would have otherwise never met and teach you things about yourself and how to grow as a person, build character and make friends for life.