What IT Takes


by: B. J. Hathaway


Those of you who’ve taken live lessons from me know that I constantly encourage practice as an absolute necessity for seeing real improvement in golf swings. Some may even say that I’m a bit of a hard case on this matter so I would like to share some words from a fellow teacher in Texas named Geoff Jones.

“I was tipped off about this video (the Backwards Bicycle) by one of my all time favorite students from CO. ALL of you who THINK you want to build a truly fine golf swing/golf game need to watch it. It fits dead in the bullseye of my daily sermons that I’ve delivered all over this planet.
In my 31 years of teaching experience I’ve found that MOST “Americans” expect to take a couple of lessons and they’ll magically turn into Ben Hogan….. or Tiger…. or McIlroy etc etc etc. (it’s worse now then ever before….spoiled, entitled, etc) When this doesn’t occur they run to the next teacher… or buy a new driver…. or set of clubs… or some idiotic DVD series…. or hook themselves up to some patently ridiculous contraption that promises “instant results.”
Well, that’s NOT how it works…. I know, unlike most, I lived it.
Developing oneself into a fine golfer, violinist, pianist, pitcher, lawyer, doctor etc is a looooooong and quite often VERY frustrating PROCESS. ALL people who’ve truly developed themselves to an advanced level go through “it”….and you’ll NEVER circumvent “it.” Golfers, particularly American golfers, have been trying to get around the work for a hundred years….. and nobody has accomplished it yet.
So, if you think you want to develop YOURSELF (or your kids) into a TRULY fine golfer… or pianist… or guitarist…etc then watch this video a couple of times. Then do yourself a favor and read “The Talent Code”….”Talent is Overrated”…and “Outlier’s.”
Watch “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” too.
If you’ll do it THEN you’ll understand “what it takes” to be great at something requiring superior hand/eye and biomechanical coordination. (quality knowledge…….otherworldly patience……. perseverance…….a positive attitude that you’ll eventually “get there”….. a LOT of sacrifice (an amount most simply cannot comprehend)…….. PASSION…….and an unbelievable amount of very hard work)
BTW, in my opinion, anyone CAN develop themselves to the highest levels. The problem is an infinitesimally small number are willing to pay the price.”
Harsh words? Some may think so, but there are really only two steps so making real progress with your golf swing- getting the right information and effective practice.