Golf Swing Classes

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Starting this Saturday, come work on your golf swing!

This is a group class with no reservation required. Any skill level welcome with individual attention for everyone. Come by yourself or with a friend or two or three. Each week we cover different topics of the swing as a refresher or for those wanting to learn the game step-by-step. We will discuss variations and how they influence your swing.  Scheduled topics:

July 11: Grip & Posture (grip types, variations, basics, grip pressure, posture, balance, spine and knee angles, eye position, head position)

July 18: Stance & Pre-shot (stance width, weight, foot positions, ball position, aiming, targeting, triggers)

July 25: Takeaway & Back swing ( concepts, variations, start up, shoulder movement, arm functions, wrist movements)

August 1: Transition & Down swing ( starting down, arm movements, rotation, lateral bend, weight shift)

August 8: Pivot (pivot variations, rotations, flexion, lateral bends, weight movement)

August 15: Arms & Wrists (forearm movements, vertical moves, wrist flex, supination, pronation)

August 22: Swing Plane (shoulder plane, arm plane, shaft plane, hand path)

Price:  $25 per person (range balls not included.)
Time: Saturdays 1:00-2:00 p.m.