The Bungee Effect

by: B. J. Hathaway



Golf can be very mysterious sometimes can’t it?  You head over for a golf lesson because you’re tired of your slice or some other poor shot and you’re ready for a change. You see video of your swing and get a clear and logical explanation of the fault and how to go about fixing it. You completely agree with everything you’ve just learned about the facts of your case and are 100% willing to let go of any previous beliefs about procedure.  Logic, belief and understanding are now on your side in your efforts to change.  So you step up to the golf ball and make a swing and it’s as if your body totally misunderstood the new instructions directed to it. The same old horrible shot as before.

You though, being a little stubborn in a good way, understand that you need a few more attempts upon these new found instructions and so you whack away.  Slice, slice, slice, slice….straight!  You actually hit a good one and feel relieved, maybe there is hope after all. And so you begin again sending those little white balls down range..slice, slice, slice, slice, pull, top, slice, slice, shank, slice, slice.  You shake your head and exhale feeling embarrassed and angry, why is this happening to me? At this point all the doubts and questions begin to arise.

Am I really that stupid? Maybe I just really suck at golf. Maybe the Pro is telling me the wrong things, maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It can’t be me can it? Maybe I need new clubs. No wait, I know he’s telling me right so why can’t I do it more than once is 27 times?  I agreed with all he said, it makes perfect sense so what the hell is wrong with me?!

The short answer is: nothing!   You have just experienced the bungee effect.  No matter how fast and how hard you run from that old swing habit, it just keeps pulling you back to where you started. Yes my friends its frustrating, even maddening but together we must push through! You’re not alone and it’s not that you are horribly untalented and should stick to the crossword puzzle. First, I want to remind you that whatever swing habit that plagues you didn’t just show up out of the blue and its probably been with you for quite a while.

We are for the most part creatures of habit and change is well- uncomfortable. And the human body will moan and complain and do all it can to upset you so that it can do go back to being comfortable. Regardless of what you, the camera or the Pro says, it will pretty much try to defy your brains new instructions because all that stuff you just decided to make it do, well that’s just not comfy ok? You are temporarily trapped in what’s called an attractor state- your body actually likes its old ways and they even smell good!

Your best move is not to give up, not to find yet another Pro, not to watch another 2 hours of Swing Fix or try more magazine tips.  If you want out of this mess, you’ve got to get in there and stretch the cord. Keep making the right moves, practice alongside your Pro, do the right moves in slow motion and keep stretching that bungee cord. Once you get that cord to snap you will be free!  A great lesson is only half the battle guys, you’ve got to snap the cord!