The Hogan Project: Week 8

by: B. J. Hathaway




It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks have passed since starting this swing project. When I come across stories of Mr. Hogan’s practice routing of hitting 1,200 range balls a day it certainly becomes motivation for me to put in the reps…after all my program is based on movements and not much ball striking at this point. There have been several weeks lately with family issues and a few days of general fatigue that have caused a reduction in reps performed, but that is a normal part of life…obstacles.


I have seen some greater consistency with ball striking, which is the ultimate goal of this project; however, at this time all of the focus is still on building the best possible pivot that my body can perform. My theory is that by isolating the correct movements away from the ball but still in golf posture, my actual ball striking practice can be free of mental focus on the pivot and allow me to look at other details such as the Hogan release and finish.

For the week ending 07/05…. 4565 reps completed

For the week ending 07/12…3825 reps