Hogan Project: Week 1

by: B. J. Hathaway



It’s been seven days since starting the Hogan Project, which is my own research project to use motor skill learning exercises to specifically train my “muscle memory” to rebuild my golf swing based on the Ben Hogan model. I began the project using three drills to target fundamental pivot movements each with a number of repetitions per day. Each set of exercises is done with 50 repetitions at random times throughout the day as my schedule permits.

Using the Notes app on my phone, I am able to track progress based on the rep goals for the day. Each repetition is performed at slow to moderate speeds with concentrated attention to feeling the correct movements of muscles, joints and balance.

Total Reps Week 1:  5,100

Balls Hit:  approx. 300

Balls were hit in practice mainly to replicate feel from the drills with little focus on outcome. The goal of the project is to replace old habits with new based on quality movements for motor learning. I have noticed some muscle soreness comparative to working out with free weights.