Running Late to the Tee? Try this Stretch.

We’ve all had that kind of morning that never seems to start out right. Your alarm never goes off in the morning, you spill coffee on your new pants, you trip over the dog on the way out the door – and suddenly you only have 5 minutes to warm up before you tee off. You’re in a rush and bad thoughts start to enter your mind because you didn’t have a chance to hit a few balls on the range before your round.

freddie-stretchIt’s not an uncommon theme for most amateurs – the warm-up is usually an after-thought. “If I have time for it, then sure I’ll hit a small bucket, but otherwise I’ll just hit a few putts and head to the tee.” In actuality a proper warm up should be at the top of importance because it helps prevent injuries, physically prepares you for consistent performance and helps increase flexibility.

So next time you find your self in this situation, try this quick series of stretches to get your blood flowing and muscles ready for a great round of golf.

Any good warm-up routine consists of aerobic activity before any stretching should begin. Since doing jumping-jacks or running laps is probably not an option here, a brisk walk from your car to the clubhouse and over the putting green should suffice.

Hamstrings & Hips: put your leg up on the back of your golf cart or trunk of your car. If this is not an option, then slowly try to touch your toes while bending at the waist. Keep your back flat at first, then ease down further as it arches. The hamstrings play a vital role in your swing and your stride and loosening your hamstrings will help your lower back.

Shoulders & Upper Back: Get in your golf stance with a golf cart to your left. Grab the vertical bar that supports the golf cart roof with both hands. As your right arm should be across your chest, lean forward to feel the stretch in your right shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

One last thing to consider before stretching – colder temperatures and earlier (morning) tee times increase the amount of time it takes to warm up. So make sure you give yourself enough time for a proper morning routine.

Even though a proper warm up and stretching routine can prevent injury, add flexibility, and shave strokes off your game, most people don’t take the time to do this. Perhaps it is because most people don’t think it is useful or are just plain embarrassed to do it. Either way, make sure your body is ready for your next round of golf.