Practicing During Your Round

RIFElsDefining what “practice” on the golf course is can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the rules. It is okay to practice during a round of golf as long as you adhere to The Rules of Golf 7-2:

A player must not make a practice stroke during play of a hole. Between the play of two holes a player must not make a practice stroke, except that he may practice putting or chipping on or near:

    1. the putting green of the hole last played,
    2. any practice putting green, or
    3. the teeing ground of the next hole to be played in the round, provided a practice stroke is not made from a hazard and does not unduly delay play (Rule 6-7).

Strokes made in continuing the play of a hole, the result of which has been decided, are not practice strokes.

Exception: When play has been suspended by the Committee, a player may, prior to resumption of play, practice (a) as provided in this Rule, (b) anywhere other than on the competition course and (c) as otherwise permitted by theCommittee.

Knowing the rules can help you lower your score throughout he round (as long as you’re not holding up play!)