Supervised Practice Program

How you practice is equally important as getting instruction when it comes to making real improvement in your golf game, that’s why Coach Hathaway has created this new Supervised Practice Program beginning in March 2013.


Learn how to practice correctly in a small group setting and make rapid improvements in your golf game.



Develop a consistent plan for improvement

Gain more confidence in troubleshooting your practice

Learn how to “take it to the course” from the range

Develop a consistent practice routine

Develop a competitive mindset as a player



  • One hour weekly practice sessions
  • Four monthly sessions
  • Limited group size of 5 players
  • Unlimited use of training aids
  • Personalized practice routine
  • Weekly competition and prizes
  • Flightscope Skills Challenges
  • Includes one large range basket per session
  • $125 monthly tuition
  • Flightscope Skills

    Flightscope Skills