Shafts Explained

shafts-explainedMany amateur golfers don’t seem to realize the importance of having golf clubs that are properly fitted to their game. One important piece of the fitting process is getting the right shaft to match your swing.

So let’s talk about the flex of a golf club shaft. The flex of a golf club basically refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. Those forces are generated by you the golfer – whether you have a fast, slow or powerful swing speed.

There are generally five types of shaft flex: ladies, senior, regular, stiff and extra stiff. If you have a flex that doesn’t match your swing speed then you’re probably losing distance and/or accuracy. An incorrect shaft flex becomes more noticeable the longer the club gets (ie. with the driver).

Ideally, we want a square club face at impact. As the shaft flexes throughout the swing, the position of the club face can change. An incorrect shaft flex can cause the club face to become open or closed delivering the club head incorrectly resulting in an off center hit. A properly fit shaft can help to reduce the inconsistencies listed above and result in more accurate shots that maximize your distance potential.

Here are a few quick guidelines on some of the characteristics of what an incorrect shaft flex might be doing to your game.

If you tend to hit shots that are low, going right (possibly with a fade or a slice), and don’t ever seem to be hit very solid – then your shaft might be too stiff. Stiff shafts are typically meant for players with high swing speeds or strong, quick transitions in their swing.

If you tend to hit shots that go left, if you tend to have a closed club face at impact or if your shots tend to fly higher than they should – you might have a shaft that is too flexible. More flexible shafts are generally meant for players with slower swing speeds or smoother, more fluid swings.

With the technology that is available for club fitting today, there are many other numbers and calculations to take into effect when fitting a player for the correct shaft. What I have described above is just a general overview of shafts and how their flex can have such an impact on your game. If you unsure if the shafts in your clubs are fit for your game, then let’s schedule a time to evaluate and make sure your equipment is fit for you.