Why Should I Get a Handicap?

For the casual to average golfer, most players do not see a need to have a USGA handicap.  They feel that they do not play often enough to bother with it.  Golf is a game that is played as an individual and the only way to truly compete against yourself is set goals to improve.  Sure, you can go out and have a spectacular round of golf but what about the yearly goal that most golfers have, “I want to get better.”  This can often be a blanket statement because what does it mean to get better?  Is it making more 5-footers, not having any hazard penalties per round, or just keeping it in play?

The fact is that one of the best ways to see if you are improving as a total golfer is to keep a handicap.  As you enter scores, either 9 or 18 holes, you will start to see your true game in front of your eyes.  Some players may not like where their handicap is, but that gives the player a chance to challenge himself or herself to lower it.

Also, if you plan on playing any local tournaments, it is important to have your handicap.  This is the best way to even out the playing field and make it fair for all players.

There is a ton of information on handicapping and the best resource would be to visit the United States Golf Association website and the section on Handicaps.  You can visit the link here – http://www.usga.org/Handicapping.aspx?id=7792

If you have any questions on setting up your handicap please do not hesitate to ask.  I look forward to your questions.