Footjoy spikeless shoe review

I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to golf gear, shoes and clothing until recently when the opportunity came to try the new style of spikeless golf shoe. Many golf teachers including myself have been wearing spikeless shoes during coaching sessions for years, and usually the selections are limited.

Recently I acquired the new Footjoy Contour Casual golf shoe and decided to share my experience. With any golf shoe there are three things that I look for: style, comfort and traction.

In the style department, these shoes are great for that classic casual look. They certainly are less dressy than the traditional shoe, but paired with some nice khaki pants and a good shirt and you’re good to go.

For a comfort rating, I would give this a good 9 out of 10 rating. When you stand on your feet a lot nothing feels perfectly agreeable, but these shoes are quite comfortable, light and give good support.

As for traction, this was the big surprise for me. Since these shoes have nothing like a traditional soft-spike sole and only have what appear to be knobs on the bottom, the traction was much better than expected. I played a round of golf with these on a moderately hilly course that was also damp and never had any problems with traction. Interestingly I also had the best ball-striking day in years, not saying it’s the shoes but that has to be mentioned!

The Contour Casual comes in 9 color choices on the Footjoy website. With leather uppers, a DuraMax sole and one-year waterproof warranty they’re a great choice in shoe when you want to go a bit casual.