Choose Your Side

Strategy on the golf course can often times be just as important as a well struck shot.  As most players know, golf is a game of misses.  If you can be strategic with your approach then you have a better chance of staying in play and keeping the high numbers from popping up on the scorecard.  One way to do that is how you start the hole.

First, It is important to know the shot shape you normally hit.  If you are a high handicapper and the majority of the time you hit a 20 yard slice, then assume that will happen most often.  The worst thing you can do is try to be someone you’re not.  Trust your instincts and normal swing.  For more experienced players you may choose your shot shape based on the obstacles in your way for that particular hole.  One you decide on the flight you want the ball to travel on you must trust it.

Next, use that previous analysis to choose the side of the tee box you want to tee of on.  Most players don’t put much thought into this and tee off in the middle (and sometimes ahead of the markers).  If you normally hit a draw (for a right-hander), then tee off from the left hand side of the tee box.  You will notice this opens the hole up for you more on that side and you can play your draw more freely.  This is a general rule and it is important to look at every hole differently depending on the course you are playing, wind conditions, distance, landing area, etc.  However, the majority of the time if you play a draw (or hook) tee it up left and if you play a fade (or slice) tee it up right.

Try this next time you are out playing and it will give you a better perspective of each hole and free you up to make a solid golf swing.  If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.