The two minute warm-up

by: Jay Garrison


You are leaving work and meeting friends to get some golf in before it gets dark so you are rushing to the course.  You get there change your shoes, get your clubs and walk briskly to check in then to the first tee where they are waiting for you and after a couple of practice swings off you go. Sound familiar?  This scenario is often the norm where we are rushing to get started whether we have prepared our bodies or not because really we have done it before without any problems.  The dilemma is whether to take time to Stretch/Warm-up or get started playing.

So let us remember a few reasons why we warm-up:

  • Increase blood circulation for energy production
  • Lubricates our joints
  • Prepares neurological system for activity
  • Decreases muscle viscosity & enhances its suppleness
  • Prepares the body for work (Heart, respiratory, & Sweat)


Now considering these benefits of warming up we can be confident that taking the time to warm-up can help not only our performance but reduce the potential for injuries.

Here is a general quick warm-up routine that can help in those tight situations where time is at a premium:

Standing Butt kicks w/Arm circles – 30 sec

Standing Hip flexor stretch w/Arm reach -15 sec ea.

Helicopters with or without lunge stance -15 sec ea.

Inner Thigh stretch- (wide stance palms on ground) 15 sec

For your own personal exercise and stretching routine get a TPI evaluation today!


Jay Garrison

One on One Fitness