Winning State of Mind

How do we judge what winning is, do we look at somebody else’s goals and try to match what they do to succeed?

Unfortunately, a lot of people do just that, they judge themselves based on somebody else’s parameters. This is a totally false way to judge yourself, what you have accomplished or where you will be in the future. We all have different starting points in our quest to become the best golfer that we can become. Our individual success is totally unrelated to what anybody else is doing.

The first thing to do is to define a game plan and develop a road map to take you there. This article is not about that plan, but a mindset in how you approach being the winner that you are. Let me say right here that it does not matter what your game is at this point in time, it just doesn’t matter, you are a winner and the more you tell yourself this fact, the sooner you will become that winner.

The way to accomplish this is to keep affirming the conscious mind saying I am a winner; I love the feeling of coming down the stretch in the lead, tied for the lead or near the lead. I am cool and calm, this is why I practice and compete. I love knowing I will have a clear mind and follow my routine on every shot. I am focused on my target and commit to the shot.

Total acceptance is my motto, I will not be bothered or upset, I can accept whatever happens because I l know I have controlled what I can control, my MIND. I know I have played my game and won the battle within.

The present is where I live, if I should begin to think about losing or winning, I discard the thought and concentrate on the next shot. I am at peace on the course because I assume I will do well, scoreboards or competitors never enter my thoughts, I love and trust my own game. At AGI we give you the tools, a game plan and new swing mechanics, to help you become your own winner. When you control your mind, you control your body.

AGI: play better golf.