What is a Scorer?

I have been a SCORER and I have been beaten by SCORERS. We have all played with or against the guy who hits it absolutely sideways and still shoots a great round. Frankly, I like being that guy who does the irritating, the guy who drives the other guy crazy because I am never out of the hole, in fact, you better watch out if I am in the trees. Hopefully, after you read this, you will take a more serious look at how you approach the game, and what is important to get you to become the SCORER, the pain in your playing partner’s buttocks.

If you feel like you are not a SCORER, do not despair, it is a talent that can be learned. There are elements that can make anyone can make anyone better player and let you shoot lower scores.

At Augusta Golf Instruction we define a SCORER who is someone who consistently gets the most from their skill level; they often shoot scores that are better than the way they normally hit their shots, who for all intent and purposes regularly beat the course. Can a high handicapper be a better SCORER than a low handicapper, absolutely!

SCORERS are winners who possess a good blend of fundamentals, good attitude and mental strength. As a SCORER, you may not always win, but you will know how to play the percentages, and you will not beat yourself very often. You will play golf cleanly, efficiently with very little waste. Among a thousand other things, a SCORER takes what the course gives and backs off knowing your limitations which can vary from day to day, hole to hole and even from shot to shot. A SCORER has fortitude and keeps their composure during disappointments. Handling that self-induced pressure with a positive attitude and making that crucial make-or-break shot that keeps a good score going. We all want to have those days where we hit every shot solid and straight, it almost never happens. In the real world, there is a lot of improvising going on, making do with what you have; shooting the best score you are capable of THAT DAY. Which one are you, a golfer or a SCORER? Get the best instruction available, trust that instruction and then use your imagination to SCORE from anywhere. You will drive your opponents crazy, enjoy the ride.

AGI: play better golf.