Views from the Haney Ranch, 3

The morning session is with Arjun, Steve has been working with Arjun for almost a year now so the relationship is one of trust and verify. This in my mind is a good philosophy to follow, we all need to be coached by an instructor who we definitely have trust and confidence in, but as a Professional teacher, I would also want you to verify the direction I was leading you.

How do you verify you might ask, the definition of verify is: to establish the truth, accuracy, or reality of….., we can do this by performing the drills prescribed, commit to the practice time and seeing the results in improved mechanics and better ball flight. If there are questions or doubts about what is being taught, we at Augusta Golf Instruction want you to know the “why” behind the “how”. We will always explain the reasoning behind any changes we suggest, knowing that the comfort you feel with our simple but effective instruction will accelerate the learning process..

Steve Johnson, Hank Haney’s right hand man, works with Arjun making small practice swings focusing on getting Arjun to feel the difference between incorrect and correct sequencing throughout the changes. Arjun, rehearses each movement in slow motion, first doing half swings working his way up to full swings and the most interesting part is that these swing are in slow motion. He is continually reminded that if he can’t do it in slow motion, he has no chance to do it in fast motion, kind of the mantra of AGI. As they work together as a team, the learning process is rolling full speed ahead, each step being crafted and planned as they go. AGI works with all our students concentrating on the areas that need the most attention first, then working our way through any other flaws that needs addressed. Take a look at our last article on practicing, understanding that there is a right way and a wrong way to improve, with AGI’s help, let’s do it the right way.

AGI: play better golf.