Training Aids: Hank Haney Swing Band

As many of you know, RARELY do I get enthused over training aids because I have seen too many that make promises that just don’t deliver.  Today at Augusta Golf Instruction we received a shipment of Hank Haney Swing Band’s and after testing by myself and Cary we both agree this is a product that can help golfers!

The first thing that I like about the Swing Band is how it keeps the hands moving together as one unit.  If your golf teacher has ever told you that you are losing grip pressure somewhere in your back swing, this product will definitely help. If you have established a correct grip this will help insure that there is no re-gripping or loss of connection between the hands throughout the swing.

Secondly, the Swing Band has a simple color coded system that fits right and left handed golfers. These colors help beginning and intermediate players immediately understand the basics of club face control from start to finish of the golf swing.  If you fight a hook or a slice the Swing Band will help you understand cause and effect and how to make corrections to the club face.

The Swing Band will also help you monitor the shaft and swing plane alignments and can be used for chipping, pitching and putting. Call or email us to order your Hank Haney Swing Band today.

AGI: play better golf.