Training Aid Review

As a golf professional I have seen and used most of the golf training aids on the market. Although many make big promises for immediate success in changing your swing there are few that deliver on that promise. The following is a list of training aids that we use (ranging from free to affordable) at Augusta Golf Instruction without being paid for endorsement!

1. Impact Bag. The one we use is made by SKLZ golf but there are several types on the market and they all accomplish the same goal- creating better impact angles. Simply fill it with old clothes, towels, etc and practice slow swings impacting the bag with the hands ahead of the club head.


2. Mirror. Almost everyone has a mirror and it’s a great tool to practice swing plane and other objectives that your Pro may ask you to work on after a lesson. Visual feedback is a great way to monitor your goals and build feel that matches what you are seeing. If you want to feel a correct golf swing you have to see it too!


3. Taly Mind Set. The Taly is a great tool for skill building in chipping, putting, full swing and mental focus. We use the Taly frequently with beginning golfers because it’s a great visual aid for learning the proper use of the arms and hands through the impact zone.


4. Hank Haney’s Plane Finder. The Plane Finder is simple to set up and use and does a great job helping golfer’s see the correct path of the back swing and down swing. It can be adjusted based on skill level and is basically damage proof just in case incorrect contact is made.


These are just a few of the tools that we use to help golfers and they all help the golfer visually see the corrrect motions and angles needed to build a solid golf swing. Simple tools can be quite effective in your swing training, if you have any questions on a training aid send me a note and I will be happy to help.