The Practice Proposal

What does practicing golf have to do with dating, or the process of getting that someone special to play the entire 18 holes of life with you? Well hang on because we’re about to go old school.

It used to be, and maybe it still is, that getting that special person to be interested in you involved some work. Remember guys when you first saw that beautiful girl and wanted to ask her out? You may have felt shy, intimidated, anxious or afraid she wouldn’t speak to you- and you finally got the courage to say something…it’s highly unlikely that she just took your hand and walked with you with hugs and kisses to follow. You had to work for her! Remember the phone calls, notes, cards, emails and sometimes trips to places you weren’t exactly highly inspired to go to? But you hung in there didn’t you? You put in the time and effort to build a relationship, trust and dialogue and if you are fortunate and still put in the effort you have someone that you truly care about in your life….

Well what’s that got to do with golf?!?!     Everything!

How many of you- guys and gals- build a relationship with your golf swing? Have you taken any time to study how it works, how it should work, what it needs to give you a reciprocal relationship? When it doesn’t go well have you gone to a counselor (golf professional) for advice on getting things to work better?

I would estimate that most of you would say…umm…no..not really.  You get on the range and hit a shot, it goes left so you try to fix it. Next one goes right…great now gotta fix the rights…and on and on. You’re not practicing your golf swing- you’re just trying to patch whatever shot comes next.

Why not check your grip, stance, alignment and posture and how about your swing plane and club face positions and are you swinging in balance? Not sure what those things should look like, then use some of your free time and money to see a swing coach who can educate you on these areas! Golf is not exactly super easy when you do have it all figured out, why punish yourself with no information and be frustrated! First you have to learn what you need to know, then how to do what you know.

The bottom line is this: your golf swing wants to have a nice relationship with you, but you have to do some work and be smart about it. Get to know how she thinks, what she needs and listen. Be willing to put in some time, effort and attention to what you need to do and the two of you will be a lot happier together and if you’re lucky she may even say yes…well most of the time anyway!