The Haney Project: Rush Limbaugh

Hank Haney Certified Pro

Tonight was the final episode of the Haney Project on The Golf Channel and there are some valuable lessons that I think we can all take from watching this seasons show.

For the first few episodes I was a bit disappointed in some of the reactions that Rush had, sometimes complaining and having a negative attitude of which I believe were just reactions to being nervous and feeling the pressure of knowing so many people were watching his swing!

To be highly successful in other areas of life and not having that translate onto the golf course can I’m sure be irritating to any golfer much less a celebrity.  You have to admire Hank for his patience, I know many teachers would have probably just “fired” him but one of the biggest things I have learned from Hank is that having a plan creates opportunity for improvement even when things look bleak.

Because of time constraints what we did not get to see was the seven months of hard work by both teacher and student. The hours of working together, discussing the plan, analyzing the golf swing, the time on the driving range, the mirror work and 100 practice swings a day. Some students expect huge changes in just seven lessons much less seven months!

What can we learn from the show? Perhaps real improvement requires a commitment from teacher and student. That having a teacher with the knowledge and foresight to see the future of your improvement and how to get there is a must. That is requires 100% from both parties. That yes it can require a real commitment to practice, mirror work and practice swings to really improve. That having a teacher that really cares about your success is worth the expense. That becoming a better scorer is not about having a “perfect” swing, but one that is reliable and repeatable, and finally that you must be competent in chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play to help recover from those shots that you do mishit.

To see Rush beat his scoring goal by two strokes was great to see no matter what you think of him personally because we are all golfers and understand the frustration that plagues all golfers at one time or another. So I say great job guys, to Rush and Hank for sticking together and getting it done. Yes it was hard work, frustrating and time consuming but seven months is a small price to pay for reaching his goals and many years of much more enjoyment playing the game.

At Augusta Golf Instruction we want to help you reach your goals and enjoy the game, celebrity or not, you will always get instruction from teachers who care and will give 100% in helping you reach your potential.

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