Golf Progress Versus Success

Recently I was reading a post by Peter Krause from that Hank Haney IJGA about their end of semester and how students should reflect on their time spent in golf. Here is a quote from the article:

“Progress, according to the dictionary, simply means

advancement towards a goal, development of growth and steady improvement. Where the meaning of success is the achievement of something desired or planned. Progress is nothing more than the means by which you get to experience success.

I encourage you not to look at your lack of success as a reason for lack of progress. Changing a golf swing or attitude takes time. It takes time to become comfortable with it at practice; it takes tournament and life experiences to refine it.”

I could not agree more. Too many times we measure ourselves against other golfers or compare ourselves to players who have much more experience. Most students come for golf lessons because they need to make a change, sometimes drastic and changes require time and practice. Building and improving your golf swing is a process and sometimes we have to endure the process and build success by achieving small goals. Of course those mini-steps are based on having a plan and following your plan by diligently practicing and doing drills. Your time on the golf course is the opportunity to measure your progress, evaluate your game and continue towards whatever your idea of success may be.

Remember that your score on any given day is an indicator of your progress, but we all have day when things go quite well and days when the swing just doesn’t feel right. Measure your success not only by your scores but how you follow the plan and practice- your true road map to success.

AGI: play better golf.