Our Teaching Philosophy

“BJ at Augusta Golf Instruction helped me to build a great foundation for my golf swing. He helped me to understand my swing and taught me how to stay on plane. Since working with BJ I have lowered my handicap and have been able to enjoy competition golf. BJ is very professional and understands the golf swing. I thoroughly enjoyed the series of lesson I took from him and plan to take more lessons in the future.” –¬†Beth Turner, Tennille GA

A Method that Gets Results

At AGI, Coach Hathaway has developed a systematic method that creates results. Our unique approach is based on 35 years of analysis involving every swing method of the last two centuries along with studies on top level professional golfers, bio-mechanics and plane geometry. We have condensed the best of the best into our unique swing method. Here’s how we get results:

1. Intel Analysis: a fact based swing examination.

2. Sequential Instruction: just like following a map, you will be lead through our skill building system.

3. Technology Feedback: learn faster with our video and launch monitor systems.

4. Swing Locker: your private online locker to review previous lessons and golf swings.

5. Practice Guide: practice drills to greatly speed up the improvement process.

“I have been to numerous golf instructors and many of them tried to teach me a swing that didn’t work for me. BJ analyzed my swing, understood the flaws and gave me a blueprint to remedy them. Importantly before moving forward , he made sure that I understood why we were integrating these new motions in my swing. We reproduced them in micro form before attempting the full swing. I have made tremendous progress and strongly recommend that a struggling golfer see him. I traveled from the west coast of Florida to see BJ and it was worth the trip. I am returning next month. BJ is the best!” –¬†Larry Garro, Florida