Hank Haney Swing Band

$32.00 + S&H

AGI Golf Towel

$18.00 + S&H

Golfing Machine Impact Bag

$89.95 + S&H

AGI logo Birdie Ball

Introducing the special edition AGI logo Birdie Ball, the limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere. What’s so unique? It looks like a napkin ring yet flies exactly like a golf ball, but with a limited distance of about 40 yards. It spins exactly like a golf ball, it is heavy, it draws, it fades, it’s great practice and it’s fun. A great tool for practicing your swing in the back yard or when you don’t have time to make it to the range. Birdie Balls are made of a super polymer and are very durable.

Single Price: $4.00 + S&H

Package of Ten: $30.00 + S&H

AGI limited edition logo polished stainless steel ball marker, $29.95 ea.

AGI limited edition logo 16 oz. frost flex cup, $4.95 ea.

AGI limited edition logo glove, $26.95 ea.